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10 things for ’10 – part 1

19 January, 2010

Hello and Welcome to 2010!!

I wonder if my posting will be a little more regular than it was in 2009? Time will tell. I’ve decided to kick of the year with a to-do list of sorts. I’m a big fan of lists, every Monday morning, I flick back through my diary and my emails and figure out what I want to get done during the week, inevitably the list is far longer than what I can hope to achieve but it helps to keep me on track, and moving forward.

In this style I’ve decided to write my 10 things to learn in 2010 list. Like my weekly task list I possibly wont achieve every item, but I am going to give it a red hot go. The is is made up of a mix of work interests and personal interests, some seriousish, and some just plain fun. So far I managed to come up with 5, I’ll post the second five this week, if anyone has any ideas about what should be in it let me know!!

On to the list (I’ve not numbered them as I think they all have equal importance.


I’ve had ‘project management’ training on my Learning and Development schedule for 3 years now. I don’t harbour any desires to be a full time project manager, but there is plenty that can be taken from project management frameworks and applied to normal everyday work. Why Prince2 and not PMBOK? Simply our company is implementing a Prince2 framework… seems like as good a reason as any.

Design Thinking

This phrase has appeared all over the place in the last 12 months. I must admit for most of the last 12 months I dismissed it as yet another bullsh!t bingo buzz word that would disappear soon enough. Well it has not disappeared yet and from the little reading I have done it seems an interesting concept, more investigation and understanding is required.

Managing Complexity

I’m not even sure if that is the correct term. Simply put this is a phrase I have heard quite a bit around the traps and I don’t know much about it at all. It seems Dave Snowden is the place to start I saw this video he posted last year, so far that is all I know.

Taking decent photos

I’ve had a quiet desire to learn to take great photos for a few years now. Over Christmas, my lovely wife gave me a great book that covers a lot of the basics, you know all that stuff that we normally let the camera figure out, aperture, exposure, white balance etc. I want to understand how all of those things come together to create the final image.

Driving a race car

This seems a little odd, but isn’t as as out there as you think. I got hooked on over Christmas, it is an online racing simulator. If you listen to their marketing it is as about as real as you can get without either buying a race car or spending $190K on one of these. iRacing has an enormous amount of detail in the physics, tracks, cars and set up options. From what I have found in my first 3 weeks, it is bloody hard! You really do need to understand about how to drive a car fast, that is picking the right line through corners, breaking while maintaining momentum and getting on the power without inducing over/under steer. It is great (albeit very nerdy) fun but to do it well will require lots of learning – so it makes it to the list.

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