About Mick

Time for another refresh of this page, according to wordpress the last time I did it was in Jun of 2008! Oh my time does fly.

So this blog started out as a discussion of my thoughts on learning and development, that was what I had been doing for the previous six or seven years when I kicked this blog off in late 2007. In the June ’08 version it had evolved to talk about social media and enterprise 2.0. I was mostly trying to find meaning in these emerging trends and understand how they fit into our business.

In the September 2010 version, I think this blog is not really about anything in particular, I work for CPA Australia. We are a membership body for Accountants, we provide accreditation, professional development and advocacy among other things to almost 130, 000 accountants world wide. My particular job is to build an online community for our members. You see having 130,000 members is great, but to the average individual member it does not mean much. My job is to try to get them connected to each other, to give them an opportunity to tap into that ‘collective intelligence’, and make the scale of our membership a real benefit.

Needless to say this job is not particularly easy (accountants and online communities are not natural bedfellows), and requires a good deal of persistence, fortunately this is a quality I possess quite a bit of. So if you hang around you may read a thing or two about my thoughts on making this sometimes seemingly impossible goal a reality.

The name ‘From the tram’ came up because I realised I was writing the majority of my posts on the Number 86 tram to Bundoora in the afternoon after work, it seemed kinda natural.

Of course as usual: The views expressed on this blog are my own and not of my employer.

Thanks for stopping by!



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