Doh! I forgot…

11 February, 2009

Last week my blog turned 1! Yay!(but I forgot.. doh!)

It’s been a pretty awesome experience, I started out terrified of writing an idea or a thought down and sharing it with the world, I’ve always been a very confident public speaker but public writing kinda scared me. So much so that when I started my current job I told Helen that I had a blog but she had to promise not to tell anyone else that it existed!

I’ve sice gotten over that and my blog has evolved into a great place to take notes, throw around ideas, work through problems and engage in interesting conversations. In the past year I have managed 71 posts and people have been kind enough to add 126 comments – Thanks guys.

A very special thanks to these folks who have come back and commented throughout the year, your ideas and perspectives have made for a fantastic discussion.

Michael Axelsen

Andrew Mitchell

Helen Mitchell

Mary Abraham (Yep, Mary I am stealing your idea here!)

Janet Cleary (Janet actually was the first person to ever comment on my old Vox based blog)

Stuart French

Michelle Martin

Katheryn Greenhill

Looking forward to more idea throwing in 2009!

BTW: If you have not read any of these blogs check them out cause they’re all awesome! 🙂

One more thing: Don’t forget to give to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal or Give blood if you can.


4 Responses to “Doh! I forgot…”

  1. Mary Abraham Says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Mick! I’m looking forward to your next year (or 20) of thought-provoking posts.


  2. Oh. Happy Blogiversary Mick. Just interested – is the purpose you have used the blog for – notes, ideas, working out problems and having conversations – what you thought it would be when you started? Did any of the evolution surprise you?

  3. Mick Leyden Says:

    @Mary – Thanks! Me too 🙂

    @Kathryn, Firstly I fixed the spelling of your name, sorry bout that 😉

    I set it up as I read a lot of other bloggers write about how useful blogs were as learning tools. Beyond wanting to explore my area of interest I didn’t really know what to expect. I did always say and think that it was first and foremost about me and my thoughts. If other people found it interesting or commented then that was awesome.

    I think that’s still the case.

  4. Mick, happy belated blogiversary! I’m finally getting around to reading all my favourite blogs…and yes, yours is one of them 🙂

    How a year moves on and changes everything web-like. And soon, it will be your @micktleyden twitterversary, or has that been already?

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