Hi I’m Mick, now buy something!

21 January, 2009

There are a lot of people out there that use their web presence to feed their business, in many ways this is a great strategy. If you are visibly knowledgeable and helpful you will build a strong reputation and people will seek your services.

That makes sense to me, so I really wonder why twitterers still take the approach of responding to a follow by sending a message saying something to the effect of  “look at the cool products on my website”.

If you have a product to sell TALK TO ME ABOUT IT! Ask me why I followed you, ask me what I’m interested in, figure out what my needs are.  It will be worth it.  We will have taken some steps to establish a rapport and you’ll know what I am after, which means you can then suggest specific products or services that meets my needs. In the long run that’s far more likely to result in a sale.

End of rant… 🙂

If  you were wondering I really hate cold calls and I see that sort of response on twitter pretty much the same as a cold call.


3 Responses to “Hi I’m Mick, now buy something!”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Nice one Mick, great rant which resonated with me and probably all readers – but, something i’m sure we’ll see more and more of in light of the current economic climate… is it a case of the squeaky wheel gets the oil?

  2. Mick Leyden Says:

    Hey Kathy,

    Good to hear from you! Hope the new job is going well 🙂

    I reckon you are right, it is not going to go away. Unfortunately the easiest option is inevitably the most commonly chosen, regardless of how effective it is. 😦


  3. Kathy Says:

    Heya Mick,

    Yeah new job is grand – check out our new site http://www.nmit.vic.edu.au be great to get your feedback. Of course there are no social elements… yet!

    Are you going to the social media gig on 19 feb?



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