Is this blog dead?

16 January, 2009

No it isn’t! I took some time over the Xmas / New Years period to disconnect from the online world for a while (and move house!) but I’m back at work now and looking forward to a big 2009.

I’ve got a quick one for today to kick things off again. This morning  I headed down to Mr Tulk (Coffee Shop here in Melbourne) to attend the inaugural Melbourne Social Media Friday coffee morning . It was great to get along and meet some of the tweeps I have seen and chatted to online in the flesh.

I’m a big fan of blending the online and offline experiences. I had an idea for a big blog post about blending conference delivery after the Social Networking and business conference last year, but it never came together. Maybe it will at some point in the next few weeks. I was a big fan of blending e-Learning and Face to Face training in my L&D days and I think it is still relevant, I reckon you’ll get the most value if you can supplement your online conversations with some F2F ones.

Have a great weekend and big thinks to @KateKendall for teeing this morning up! 🙂


2 Responses to “Is this blog dead?”

  1. Cripes Mick, you had me worried with the title of your blog post. Now I see it was a sneaky way to grab attention ;-).

    Seriously though, blending the online and offline is so rewarding when it is possible. For me, the virtual conversation keeps the threads together with those we already know, and can create them with those we don’t. Then when we meet F2F again, the connection is further reinforced.

    Welcome back to blogging for 2009!

  2. Kate Says:

    Thanks for the mention Mick. Glad to see you there. I’ve just update the original post with details of the Social Media Club Melbourne Facebook group and also the website that Lucio created @

    Enjoy your Australia Day PH!

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