Measuring your impact

9 December, 2008

Twitter rocked my socks again last week. I’ve been evaluating our conference community and was thinking about metrics and measures. I asked my awesomely cool network on twitter what they thought and got lots of good ideas, thoughts and links all of which have been very helpful. (You can see some of the responses here. I’m not sure that this link will work permanently, if anyone knows how to perma-link to this stuff I’d love to hear!).

The prevailing feeling was measuring statistics was not going to give you much of the story. The number of people that joined a network, posted on a forum or friended someone only tells you that the community was active. It doesn’t tell you anything about the value community members took away from the community. Mary Abraham has also posted recently on the question of stats vs experience.

To gain a full picture of the value your network is providing it seems the questions you need to ask are along the lines of:

  • What happened after you left the community?
  • How did information or relationships gained through the community help you?

One Response to “Measuring your impact”

  1. Mary Abraham Says:

    Thanks for the mention, Mick. The catch is that too many folks collect and promote meaningless metrics. We’ll just have to push harder to ask exactly what their metrics prove and insist on metrics that demonstrate quality. That should be an interesting conversation.

    – Mary

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