Digital Economy Future Directions blog

9 December, 2008

Digital Economy Future Directions blog that was launched today by Minister Lindsay Tanner and Senator Steven Conroy. No dobut there will be complaints in various corners about the blog only running for 18 days, that comments will probably take a while to appear and that it is that it is bloody difficult to find.

Personally I reckon it’s a step in the right direction, I work in an environment where things need to happen slowly so I can understand taking a baby steps approach. Here is what I posted on Minister Tanner’s Welcome.

This is a great initiative, I appreciate that while this is not cutting edge technology it is a step in the right direction. Social media offers governments the opportunity to engage with their constituents like never before. In the spirit of openness I have got 4 requests.

1. Please listen to every comment on this blog and make those comments visible to the public to encourage further debate.

2. Only filter comments that clearly breach the terms of use and guidelines set out in the moderation policy. (It can be tempting to block those you don’t like)

3. Please engage with the public. You and your staff will unlikely be able to respond to every comment, however try to respond to as many as you can.

4. If this experiment goes pear-shaped try again

This project provides a great opportunity to talk with the public, please make sure that you do.



3 Responses to “Digital Economy Future Directions blog”

  1. AlisonM Says:

    Very articulate Mick! It will be interesting to see how their blog develops…

  2. Jodie Miners Says:

    Great Comment Mick!

  3. We’ve always been able to communicate with our MPs through their local branches, but I do agree, putting a solid digital stamp on their and our comments makes them much more public.

    PS – agree on awful usability of the blog!

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