Going Virtual

16 October, 2008

Check out this post from my colleague Alex Dalidakis. In it he details the successful conference session he and his team conducted in Second Life this week.

I’ve gotta say this is a mega effort from the team, they did a great job to make it happen. I must admit I expected it to be a bit of a debacle (sorry Alex). I didn’t think that because thought the team wouldn’t be prepared, but I just didn’t think Second Life would stand up to it!

I’ve still not managed to use second life for more than 30 minutes without crashing and I have regularly seen Alex having dramas getting logged in. But it seems the stars aligned for the guys and it went well.

So where does this leave my thoughts on Second Life? I’ve made it clear before (here and here) that I reckon it is a technology with potential and that I think it will take quite some time for that potential to be realised. Alex has proven to me that it is a LOT closer than I thought it was. It’s still is not going to gain mass usage in the immediate future, but it is definitely an option organisations should consider if they need to deliver training / learning to a dispersed audience.


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