Just be upfront!

15 October, 2008

I logged in this morning to find this gem in the comments on my post from yesterday.

Hi Michael,
congratulation for that makes some good points, particularly about single sign-on, preservation of data and synergy about tools.

Hmmm well thanks… First off my blog says Mick everywhere, where did he get Michael from? (I only get called that by my Mum when I am in trouble –Ā  yes Mum still pulls that one out! šŸ™‚ ), although he may have been talking to Michael Axelsen who also commented on the post.

Second, most of the time when people comment they write some thoughts on the issue which is great! Congratulating us on making some good points is a little odd but hey, the internet caters to all types.

Here is kicker, when I click on the name of the commenter it directs to me to their website, which lo and behold is a social media platform vendor!

Come on people! If you’re flogging social media surely you know you have to be more transparent than that! Just have a look at NAB’s efforts to see how it can go wrong! (Hat tip to Steve Collins for the link). Why not just say ‘Hey Mick, we have a platform we think is really great, do you want to talk to us?’. If your product is that good I’m not going to be able to say no am I?

Don’t be sneaky! Have a nice day all.


5 Responses to “Just be upfront!”

  1. Tim Rueb Says:

    What I find so interesting about this tactic is that I can’t see it producing results for them. I don’t know anyone who has ever taken the bite when presented with this approach. Who really gets leads this way? For me it is a sure fire way I would never use them.

  2. Mick Leyden Says:

    @Tim, Agree. There is no way that approach is going to put them on my radar! Very strange approach or perhaps simply very naive

  3. @Mick

    Goodness me, and I thought it was indeed my words of wisdom that moved man to such poetry :).

    I do note that I an Micheal with an ‘ea’ and not an ‘ae’ – not that too many people get that right and so I have long been happy so long as I am not called late for breakfast.

    To be fair, if your commenter is merely spamming you, it’s targetted spam and they were on to your blog post fairly quickly, so a big tick for being on the ball! I had noticed that he was a software vendor with clearly no idea of the number of people you’d need to look after :).

    I would suggest that it’s not actually a crime to be a vendor, although some people think there’s an argument that it should be :). I’m a consultant, and some people think we should be hung, drawn and quartered with passive voice, so I’m fairly tolerant of others’ need to make a living…

    At least your blog site isn’t being hijacked to become a purveyor of fine viagra & pr0n.

    Thanks: Micheal Axelsen

  4. Mick Leyden Says:

    @Micheal, I’d never picked up on ea – I’ll watch it in future! šŸ™‚

    I don’t think it’s a crime to be a vendor or even to sell your ware, I’ve stated in my post that I will ultimately have a need for some sort of software so if someone can point me to the solution to my problems awesome!

    My point was more that it was a completely missed opporunity. If the comment was very clever spam well done to them but if someone wrote the comment they could have used a couple of different words and I would have at the very least spent ten minutes looking at their site.

    When you look at the Comment Spam net there are plent of those nasty things… and strangly enough lots of insurance offers…

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