More on Twitter – Ambient Awareness

15 September, 2008

I came across this article in the New York Times (and International Herald Tribune) via Jay Cross and Edgar at The Green Chameleon. It provides a great overview of how Facebook status updates and Twitter have become so popular. It would be worth passing on to anyone who doesn’t get it, they may not be convinced after reading the article, but they may have a slightly greater understanding of what it’s all about.

The Article disuccses the concept of ambient awareness.

Each little update — each individual bit of social information — is insignificant on its own, even supremely mundane. But taken together, over time, the little snippets coalesce into a surprisingly sophisticated portrait of your friends’ and family members’ lives, like thousands of dots making a pointillist painting

An interesting thought, more interesting to me was Edgar’s point about the potential for ambient awareness in the Enterprise:

Imagine knowing what your colleagues in another part of the building/city/country/globe are thinking or working on, and being able to connect and collaborate far more easily because you kinda know each other even though you’ve never met.

This is where we come to Yammer, an enterprise friendly microblogging client, that last week took out the TechCrunch50 award. I have not tried it yet, but it is attracting plenty of buzz in the blogosphere and twitterverse. It is deffinately one to watch, but as Steven Lewis points out, there are a few questions that must be answered before it gets picked up in a big way.

A final link that is worth checking out, Sue Waters just posted this intro to twitter post, that contains some great tips for getting started.

2 Responses to “More on Twitter – Ambient Awareness”

  1. Steven Lewis Says:

    Hi Mick,

    That’s a great image — thousands of dots making a pointillist painting — and I shall now be borrowing it from the NYT when I talk about taking this technology internal. Thanks for the link to that (and to my blog).

  2. Mick Leyden Says:

    Hey Steven,

    It is a nice one isn’t it?! – No worries at all.
    thanks for stopping by.


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