I love a big idea…

8 September, 2008

I’m always a big fan of starting out thinking big! I reckon it’s much better to aim for the stars then scale your plans back if it becomes clear you’re only going to make it to the moon. Charlene Li posted on Oracle’s new Oracle Listens program. Effectively this is a feedback portal which the organisation’s executive and senior management are committed to responding to in the lead up to Oracle Open World  on the 21st of September.

The really big part is that for the first two weeks of the program all traffic to oracle.com will re-direct to Oracle Listens. As Charlene says there are a lot of risks with this approach, but I love audacity. It is a great example of an organisation backing themselves to service their customers in a very high profile public forum.

Its a tough ask but if they can pull it off it could change the face of  customer service in organisations all over the globe. I’m imagining live customer interractions occuring on the organisation’s homepage, risky sure but if you have the staff and the processes in place to provide great customer service, you have fantasicly rich customer feedback appearing in real time – right in front of your next potential customer….


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