Manipulating the Groundswell?

19 August, 2008

I posted a couple of months back that Forrester were going to be kind enough to send me a copy of their latest book Groundswell. Well two months and a follow up email later it has still not arrived.

I don’t want to knock a gift horse in the mouth, but wouldn’t it be an interesting strategy to keep the blogosphere buzzing about your book if:

  • You asked a bunch of bloggers to email you to try and get a copy of the book to review
  • A couple of weeks later you email them back and say ‘you’re getting one’!
  • All of the bloggers post that they are getting a copy
  • But you don’t send the books right away…
  • You hold off sending them until the post launch buzz has died down
  • Then just as the blogosphere is forgetting about your book…
  • You send out the blog review copies and all the little bloggers rejoice and the conversation continues….

…then again it could just be a stock issue…


One Response to “Manipulating the Groundswell?”

  1. […] to the Crowd Following on from my earlier post about Groundswell. Tracy from Forrester was kind enough to email me and let me know that they will […]

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