A timely reminder that the interweb is a little scary

4 August, 2008

Last week the blogosphere was abuzz (and here) with discussion of Exon’s twitter experimentIt turns out that ‘Janet’, Exon’s supposed twitter rep is a fake and has nothing to do with Exon!

This story is a perfect example of why a brand needs to be plugged into social media, even if they are not creating they must but listening. I’ve recently added two twitter searches for our brand name to my google reader and several colleagues have created Google alerts, most of the results are not to do with us, but it is nice to know what people are saying.

Perhaps the statements along the lines of ‘ignore social media at your peril’ are not so overstated afterall…


2 Responses to “A timely reminder that the interweb is a little scary”

  1. maxelsen Says:

    Brilliant example – I knew my articles weren’t overstating the case 🙂 Wonder if Twitter is a vector for terrorism?. Meanwhile I’m 9 days into my experiment to see if someone from BDO Kendalls calls me based on my tweet. Of course, I’m not saying nuthin’ bad, just sayin’.

  2. Mick Leyden Says:

    It really is a great example of why you need to if nothing else, listen! 🙂

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