Early Adopters and the ‘Second Wave’

1 July, 2008

I’ve had a bunch of thoughts to do with encouraging social media adoption and community building swirling around in my head of late. Mostly they have been driven by my current work situation. As I mentioned a week or so ago, we secured our wiki agreement and are moving into the content / community phase. We’re also moving into this phase on the conference social network project I have been working on. This means I’m hitting a rather scary time, I’m moving out of the familiarity (and boringness – I know it isn’t a word but I am going with it!) of IT system evaluation and selection and charging into the neverland that is online community building.

I’ve got a few ideas about how to go about it, but these are based off experience building a sense of team in a training room; I get the feeling online will be a very different beast. Interestingly ( I love it when the web does this) @NathanealB posted recently on the importance of early adopters. This post has stayed with me as the early adopters are the people I need to engage with right now!

Following that post I discovered Michelle Martin’s post on ‘the second wave’. I really like this phrase as it sums up the people we will be trying to engage with very soon. If we get the second wave of users involved we start to be able to offer real value. The early adopters are great but we want to build a financial knowledge sharing community, the pool of early adopters in our very specific niche just isn’t big enough! We need the next wave to get involved to make our community viable in the long term.

Michelle finishes her post by asking how we engage with these people, I might have a think about this and put some thoughts up tomorrow.


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