I’d like an SUV

11 June, 2008

I’ve been loving the blog lately! Well I always love the blog, I guess the difference is I have been thinking about why I am loving the blog. I’m beginning to understand how many different ways a blog can be used. It is such an incredibly flexible application, as such I have decided to call it the SUV of web applications! It can go almost anywhere, it has room for the dog and the snowboards and it doesn’t feel like a truck!

I thought I would jot down a few of the potential ‘uses’ for a blog.

Personal Learning

This is my favourite use, personal learning is what this blog is all about! I’ve really enjoyed being able to sit down on the tram and flesh out an idea I have been struggling with during the day. On many occasions the arguments I have put forward on blog posts have been referenced during the day in a range of different ‘real’ work situations.

Collaborative Learning

A recent post about Second Life really stirred up some discussion. I had a lot of different people providing their two cents, through this I was pointed to some interesting reading and was really challenged to think through my initial argument. As a personal learning tool it is fantastic, but to go a step further and have other people challenge those thoughts was very powerful.


To a certain extent there is a degree of personal branding going on here. I’ve got no plans to seek alternate employment, I really like my job (the bold is for the benefit of my boss :-)). However in the future, a collection of my thoughts such as this my prove to be useful (or otherwise!) when I do decide to find another opportunity. I also see a range of product marketing uses out there, ranging from communicating product examples to discussing challenges and providing updates.

Customer feedback

I believe providing customers with an opportunity to provide open and honest feedback about your products provides you with a wonderful chance to provide outstanding service and demonstrate to a broad audience that you provide outstanding service. Back your business, your product and your ability to respond to problems and invite feedback!

That’s the first four I can come up with, I reckon there are hundreds of other out there. I’d be keen to hear what anyone else can think of!


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  1. Thanks for the post

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