Can we possibly use Second Life?

4 June, 2008

More second life stuff!! I know your thinking ‘Mick get over it!’ This month the LCB big question is all about how we can use Second Life for training? It’s been a couple of months since I have been able to find a way to come at a Big Question, so seeing as this is a bit different to my discussion of a couple of weeks ago I’ll give it a go! That conversation focused on uses in my own work environment, I’ll take this as an opportunity to try to be a bit creative, and think outside my own square.

I mentioned in my previous SL post that an ideal use in a corporate environment is OHS training. Everyone at some point in their careers has had the miss-fortune of sitting through a boring ‘lookout for everyday hazards’ type video. I reckon SL or similar would be ideal for this type of training!

Moving on to new ideas: Landscape design. My fiancé is keen to start working on a landscape design course of some description. Unfortunately due to her illness she is going to struggle with the manual side of the course. Workshops and activities conducted in SL could allow her to learn the principles of good design and experiment with ideas without needing to spend hours in a TAFE garden.

Media / journalism, Reuters and CNN already have a presence in second life, aspiring journalists could set themselves up in SL and observe what’s going on and hone their craft in the metaverse prior to migrating to the physical world.

Security training. I don’t know anything about security training but I would imagine there is a lot of procedural observation of behavior. It is possible that ‘suspicious’ behaviors could be replicated in S recruits could then diffuse the situation in a safe environment.

There we go, that’s four ideas. Each will have hundreds of extra considerations and complications, but I would think given the right support they could develop into useful learning tools. I do believe virtual worlds have a lot of potential as training tools, however (check out my previous post to see my reasoning) they do require a lot of evolving before we see widespread adoption.

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