Key Questions

2 May, 2008

It seems I’m a bit of a fan of Jeremiah Owyag at the moment. He posts about questions we (social media people) should be ready to answer when presenting to organisational stakeholders:

…if you’re going to be presenting to your executive staff or to clients, be prepared to answer the following questions, and back them up with data, examples, and insight, not just opinion:

  • Is this a fad?
  • What’s the future of these tools?
  • What are the costs and resources needed to do this?
  • Does every employee need to participate?
  • What’s the legal ramifications?
  • What happens if we do nothing?
  • What are the risks if we engage?
  • How do we measure success?
  • Does this hurt or help customers?
  • How does this increase revenues or reduce costs?

I’ve had to answer these questions before too, however when reading the list I couldn’t help thinking that maybe these are questions us social media people should be asking ourselves at the point of an idea, rather than when we are getting ready to present it to the business.

If we are going to use social media to enhance our service to customers, manage our corporate knowledge or build inter-departmental relationships, we should be thinking about the big picture and the larger implications of our initiaitives from the word go. Particularly when considering the questions of risk and legal issues.


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