Someone said something!

21 April, 2008

A quick follow up to last week’s post “But no one said anything.” Michelle Martin from the Bamboo Project directed me to “Making a  Case for Social Media Marketing.”

I really liked this segment from the end, it sums up what I was trying to say on Friday.

“Printing 1000 leaflets doesn’t mean 1000 leaflets get read,” consultant Tim Davies points out, and a leaflet can’t report back to you. With the help of basic site analytics and a comments section, a blog post can.

And a blog post might only be reporting 150 readers, and 2 comments. But then, did two people write in to respond to the leaflet?”


2 Responses to “Someone said something!”

  1. That was my favorite quote, too–I think it says it all!

  2. micktl Says:

    Absolutely! I’ve already used it in two different meetings! 🙂

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