But no one said anything!

18 April, 2008

How do you determine if a corporate blog is successful? We launched a CEO’s blog last year, the aim appears to have been to discuss ‘thought leadership’ issues with our staff and customers. 5 months or so later I keep being told that we don’t get many comments so it’s really a bit of a bomb.

I’ve got a couple of other blogs to get up and running, so I have been brainstorming objectives, coercing staff and suppliers to write regular posts, planning what topics will be addressed in the first few weeks and looking at platforms. The point I am at now is determining success factors. If the new blogs I launch don’t receive twenty comments for each post does that mean they are not successful? I’m thinking not.

Here are a couple of examples where comments are not the primary measure of success.

This blog
I hardly ever get comments on this blog…then again, I hardly ever get any hits! Neither of those things bother me because it is much more about the experience of setting up the blog and getting my ideas into a coherent format than establishing an audience. If I do establish an audience cool! It isn’t my primary objective though.

Contributing to a discussion
I read many blogs that don’t have many comments on them but the are linked to from loads of different people and places. If your peers suggest that you make a good point or take issue with your point you are a part of the discussion.

Bottom line, if you haven’t got a list of comments a mile long don’t despair, just think about why you’re writing the blog and have a look for some other measures.

I hope somone comments on this post!!! 🙂


2 Responses to “But no one said anything!”

  1. Mick, I’ll take the bait. 🙂

    Just share this post: http://tinyurl.com/4malcr

    I think it makes a good case for continuing on as you are. And your idea that this blog is about helping you learn about the practices and conventions of blogging is a good one, I think. You can’t really understand what it is to blog until you actually do it.

  2. […] But no one said anything! […]

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