Windows Mobile 6 Rocks My Socks!

17 April, 2008

I bought a funky little Bluetooth adapter for my phone that allows me to throw away the clunky proprietary headphones. It took a bit of fighting but I got it up and running and am now blogging from the tram in cordless comfort! Woohoo!

In order to get my newest gadget working I had to upgrade my JasJam from Windows Mobile 5 to 6. I also installed a nifty app called HTC Home. The iPhone is not available here in Oz yet, but when it does come out I am going to be hard pushed to come up with a compelling reason to upgrade. WM6 not only takes up less storage space and operates faster than WM5, it also has more features! When you add Home to the picture you also have easy navigation and integrated weather and music on your today screen.

Once I get to play with an iPhone its going to have to be pretty damn good to convince me to upgrade.


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