Copyright stuff

1 April, 2008

I had an interesting chat with our legal counsel about copyright issues in a collaborative environment. We typically deal with traditional agreements regarding intellectual property, either we retain copyright or we license the copyright from the provider.

Looking at a community driven knowledge base application, if we were to publish our intellectual property under an open licence are we diluting or even destroying the value? If we want to kick off a knowledge base with some material do we need to create new wiki specific open content?

The flipside is if we retain some rights over some content could our contributors do the same? If conent is published in such a situation, could it be reused, in our commercial products?

I thought the conversation was going to be pretty straight forward about a disclaimer to go at the top of the page, but as we are aiming to have both community (our memebers) and commercial (our range of learning products and services) benefits we’re in murky water.

I guess the bottom line as always is, have a clearly defined purpose for your project!


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