Blogging is a lot of effort

1 April, 2008

I’ve been in my new role for about three weeks now. Prior to commencing, I thought I would have an almost inexhaustible flow of material to be blogged. As it turns out I moved from a relatively mundane, not overly challenging role to a creative and dynamic role that leaves me with heaps think about but no brain power left at the end of the day to write a readable post. (for example, I currently have 3 half written blog posts saved on my phone.)

I have spent the last three weeks meeting with stakeholders from all over the business discussing corporate uses for everything including blogs, wikis, social networking and social bookmarking, just to name the first few that spring to mind. It really has given me heaps to blog about but I have not managed to get it out!

This raises some points to consider if you’re looking at using blogging in a corporate or learning context.

  • Quality posts take effort
  • If you or your learners can’t put in the effort expect the experiment to fail.

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