Question 1 – Web2.0 Tools

29 February, 2008

 The Yarra River from SouthBank

Question 1: What tools are available to facilitate social learning in a professional membership environment, and how can they add value?

I’ll start to answer this question by providing a list of tools I’m going to evaluate. I have used quite a few, others, (like twitter) I’m not even sure what they are.

Here is my list and some thoughts on each item:

1. Facebook
I have talked a bit about our team’s experiments with Facebook, in this post it will be time to review what the rest of the world thinks about using Facebook as a learning / knowledge management tool. I’ll also have a look at how else (and perhaps if) we and other teams out there could use it.

2. LinkedIn
If I am going to look at Facebook, I should probably look in to the ‘professional’ network too. I’m not sure what I’ll find though.

3. Blogs
I think almost everyone thinks you can use blogging effectively in an organisation. I want to look a little closer at the practicalities and politics of blogging.

4. Wikis
I love the idea of wikis and I’m pretty sure in not to long we’re going to have one and I think I’ll be setting it up. I really want to get a better idea of what is possible beyond Wikipedia style applications.

5. Twitter
I don’t know what this is. I do know that it has been described as the hot app from 2007 and it is quite likely that someone at work will hear the buzz, get all excited about it and ask me to do something with it. I’d better work out what it is.

6. Second life
I’m a bit of a skeptic on second life. Last year I heard a lot of the buzz and wanted to find out what it was all about. I signed up, logged in and couldn’t really work out much more than that. Since then I have had it in the for ‘enthusiasts’ only category. I know the cheese wants us to look into it, so this post will be my first step towards becoming convinced of it’s value.

7. Anything else I have seen but ignored or have not come across.
It’s more than likely that I’ll find other tools or platforms while doing my reading for the above. If I find something of interest I’ll post about it.

Time to get reading on Facebook!


2 Responses to “Question 1 – Web2.0 Tools”

  1. Sue Massey Says:

    I found your site on google blog search and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. Just added your RSS feed to my feed reader. Look forward to reading more from you.

    – Sue.

  2. micktl Says:

    Hi Sue,

    Thanks for dropping me a line! I just found your comment then it seems Worpress was thinking everything is a spam comment!


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