Blogging 4 Learning attempt 2

28 February, 2008
Eureka Tower - SouthBank - Melbourne VicTis time to kick off again. This time I have decided this time to set myself a series of questions I might need to answer in my new job. I’ll try to answer them using as many of the Blogging4Learning styles as I can.

On to the questions!

1. What tools are available to facilitate social learning in a professional membership environment, and how can they add value?

I imagine I’ll answer this through a series of discussion and review posts. It’ll be good to look at how each of the common Web2.0 tools can be used as learning or knowledge sharing tools and more specifically how they could work in a membership environment.

2. How can social learning change, enhance or even revolutionise professional development?

I have some ideas about this one but I think it will be nice to investigate what everyone else thinks and put together a well thought out argument.

3. What role does instructional design play in social learning?

This one follows on from this month’s Learning Circuits big question. I’m not really sure that I got to the social learning side of the question in my answer, I’d like to look into it a little more.

4. What are the barriers to social learning adoption and implementation and how can they be

This is the sixty four thousand dollar question! Not sure there will be any definitive answers but it’ll be interesting to look in to.

5. What will professional development look like in five years?

I’ll wrap up the month with my thoughts on where all this is going.

Now I’m off to work out which tools to include in Question 1’s response.

BTW – If you’re wondering what’s with the building picture in the middle of the screen. It’s a picture I took while going for a walk at lunch time. I figured while working with the theme of ‘From the tram’ I’d include tom some images of Melbourne for those that don’t know what it looks like. It is a brilliant city!


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