I’m Back!!

25 February, 2008

…and I have a new site name and look. I decided to follow some of the otherbloggers out there who’s site name is relevant to them or their writing process. For me the bulk of the content on this site has been planned and drafted on my iMate JasJam while sitting on the number 86 tram. ‘From the tram’ seemed a natural name new name.

So why did I need a new name? My world of learning was a nice silly name when I was planning on writing about all things learning. I enjoy talking about face to face training as much as I do social learning and e-Learning, I originally planned on talking about all of them! Things changed when I was offered my new job, as of two weeks time, I’ll be spending my days, brainstorming, troubleshooting, implementing, selling, facilitating and participating in social learning frameworks for my organisation!

It’s such a cool job, I’m psyched to have got it and can’t wait to get stuck into it! I figured it is going to give me heaps of stuff to blog about so I’m moving the focus to implementing social learning and networking programs in a membership environment. Effectively this blog will be my spot to record my thoughts on the tram on the way home.

Oh and I am feeling better now (in case anyone was wondering). If you ever get glandular fever listen to everyone around you when they say ‘take it easy for the first few weeks once you’re over it.’ It is VERY good advice.

Where to from here? I’m still committed to my blogging for learning challenge, I think it will be a good base to start the new job. Although I think I’ll do some planning in the next couple of days and kick off my month on Saturday 1 march.


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